Cathy's Book, Lethal Dose

In 2001, while living and working in London, Cathy nearly died from a lethal dose of regularly-prescribed medication for the treatment of Addison’s disease. She was hospitalized for two months. During that time, she lost her successful law practice and technology consulting business, her congregation and almost her life.

Shortly after the lethal dose, her loving family had her flown home to Cleveland, Ohio to a life of recovery that would take years to complete. Through her deep faith, she regained the mental and physical strength to start over with little more than a blank sheet of paper. For the past two years, Cathy has championed the cause to save the lives of patients by educating families, doctors, and pharmacists alike about the accidental and careless administration of lethal doses of pharmaceuticals.

Cathy often speaks publicly around the US in the area of medication safety. She has a literary agent and is writing a book with Cecil Murphey with the working title of Lethal Dose. The book details her struggle to overcome the traumatic effects of the senseless medication error that nearly took her life.