In 2001, Cathy’s career, family life and health were thrown into turmoil following a combination of errors on the part of her doctor and her pharmacist.  In 2007, she co-founded FLAAME (Families Launching Action Against Medication Errors), a not-for-profit, to heighten the consumer and health care industry’s awareness of errors made in the prescribing and dispensing of medications.  Flaame not only develops and releases educational tools, but is also active in the legislative arena. 

Medication errors alone, occurring either in or out of the hospital, are estimated to account for over 7,000 deaths annually in the US.  Further, the United States Pharmacy Magazine has indicated that over the professional life of pharmacists, they will fill approximately 480,000 prescriptions.  Even if that pharmacist is 99% accurate he or she will likely kill at least 6 patients.  

Cathy often speaks publicly around the US in the area of medication safety.  She has a literary agent and is writing a book with Cecil Murphey with the working title of Lethal Dose. The book details her struggle to overcome the traumatic effects of the senseless medication error that nearly took her life.

On www.flaame.org, you can participate in Cathy's promotion of the blue bracelet campaign entitled "A World Free of Medication Errors."


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