Founded in 2007, Nutek® aims to provide green alternatives to hazardous and harmful chemicals often used in the household and business environments.  These include soy-based lubricants and cleaners.   Nutek has reduced, substantially, the harmful environmental impacts of traditional lubricants by replacing the petroleum mineral oil with soy bean oil in its exclusive formulations. This provides a substantial rate of biodegradability for Nutek’s products. Indeed, Nutek’s Smart Green™ and Pure Green™ products are between 90% and 100% biodegradable.  Nutek has also blended green solvents with mineral spirits to achieve expected evaporation levels, while still ensuring that its formulations maintain Smart Green™ levels of superior performance.

Nutek’s products appear on the shelves of Home Depot, Ace Hardware, True Value, Northern Tool, Do It Best and others.

LūbFix®, Bolt Off®, Shield-It® and Simply Soy® share the following attributes:

  • Testing has indicated that Nutek’s soy-based products outperform their competitors without the use of environmentally-damaging silicon and Teflon
  • Nutek’s products use nitrogen to dispense its product
  • These products are between 90% and 100% biodegradable and utilize green chemistry
  • Nutek uses recyclable aluminum Cans with a Conscience™  for its products that are lightweight and easy to use
  • Their boxes feature recycled corrugated cardboard and ink solvents and feature a design to minimize wasted material and unnecessary bulk
  • In an effort to use less petroleum than our competitors, Nutek uses very little plastic
  • Nutek’s products use soy stock grown in the United States as a substantial component of their formulations

LūbFix® features a smaller can that easily fits into the hand, and allows users to address their lubrication needs quickly.  Bolt Off® addresses the need for an industrial-strength product that doesn’t involve a “stupid stick” that is usually lost or broken.  This product is high-performance and offers a no-slip grip with a long-range spray.  Shield-It® protects doors, hinges, motors, chains and other objects from harsh conditions.  Simply Soy® is a 100% bio-lubricant that is free of toxic chemistry, making the product safe for use around food (H1) and (H2), children, pets and the marine environment.  This product offers peace of mind. 

Nutek’s newest line of products is a trio of wipes designed to lubricate, clean and protect your tools, chains and other equipment.  This line features extra large, biodegradable towelettes with soy-based lubricants and environmentally-friendly cleaners.  Unlike tube packages, these wipes can be kept in a glove compartment, garage storage area or at home with no risk of drying out.  With 100% biodegradable formulations, superior performance and recyclable packaging, Nutek’s products continue to provide safe alternatives to petroleum-based and environmentally-toxic cleaning competitors. 

Nutek’s Simply Soy™ wipes feature the same safe chemistry as our Simply Soy™ lubricant, and can be used to clean and lubricate tools and other metal surfaces to prevent rust-build up.  The wipes are certified for safe use in food areas.  With gentle hand cleaning action, Gas Off™ wipes are extra-large and heavy-duty to thoroughly remove, suspend and absorb gas smells from your hands and other surfaces.  Grime Off® removes drips and smears from many non-porous surfaces like tools, equipment and much more.  These wipes remove oils, dirt, brake dust, grease, hydraulic fluid and other potentially-hazardous chemicals from your hands and other surfaces.

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