Speaking Engagements

Cathy travels across the US, speaking on several topics.  Her modern leadership speech, titled, “Ten Leadership Cannons that Drive Change,” presents rules for leadership in dying businesses and economies and outlines a formula for entrepreneurial success.  Her speech, “A Marriage Made on Heaven; Economic Development and Broadband,” focuses on technology and economic development and is targeted towards governmental leaders all over the country. 

Additionally, Cathy presents a personal account of how a near-lethal medication error nearly took and eventually changed her life.  In the speech titled, “A Wounded Healer,” Cathy provides a complete education regarding the magnitude of this national dilemma and the effects that it has on the lives of ordinary families.


CEO Forum, Keynote Speaker

“It is not easy to captivate an entire audience, especially when the audience is comprised of 200 or so business and technology CEOs.  But that’s why Cathy Horton did with her presentation on entrepreneurship and leadership at the CEO Forum.  Though we had handouts of her Ten Steps, I noticed I was not alone in writing furiously, trying to capture her important words.  Her no-nonsense delivery and powerful content managed to inspire a diverse group of CEOs that day and left us all eager for more.” –Dan Hanson, CEO, Magnum Computers, Inc.
First DataBank Seminar, Key Note Speaker, April 2008

“Thank you!  It was a great pleasure to finally meet you in person and to have you as the keynote speaker for our customer seminar.  Today was the last day of the seminar and people where still discussing your talk and what actions could be taken!  Your tragic experience certainly highlights the problems we have in ensuring the safe delivery of medication and you delivered that message in a very powerful manner.  What is most admirable is your determination to act and to make change happen.  I am proud that First DataBank can be a part of the solution and I look forward to having more discussions with you as to how to be of help.  Again, we thank you for being our keynote speaker.  As one person said, who had attended all 22 seminars, ‘This was the best keynote speaker you have ever had!’” –Dan Nielsen, President, First DataBank, Inc.

School for Entrepreneurship: Speech to Community and Students

“Horton is a serious intellect who fully engages her audience, overflows with enthusiasm and provides persuasive and compelling arguments across a range of disciplines where she is clearly qualified.  She is a sit-forward, pay attention, forget to take notes and never even glance at your watch kind of speaker.  You will want more when she is done and rush to the front of the room for an introduction.” –Dr. Tom Lix, Director for the Center for Entrepreneurship, Lake Erie College

E-Women Seminar, May 2008

“You have a wonderful presentation style: staying in front rather than behind the podium, starting by asking a foundational question, listening patiently for audience responses, recording our words to demonstrate that what we said is of value, then talking to us rather than down to us, answering our questions, etc.” –Cathie Leimback, Co-Founder and Consulting Parter of Strive!